He's talented, he's funny, and he's beautiful. What more can you ask for in a man? Oh that's right, NOTHING.

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5th April 2014

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lovethejoker asked: hello i'm looking for a video of Jake, and i thought you might know where to find it. i've only seen a gif of it but it was not credited. it's jake in the bath room and a guy in a bunny suit like from donnie darko, but it seems to be a spoof or something… do you happen to know what in the world i'm talking about?

Unfortunately, I don’t. Sorry! Does anyone else know?

21st March 2014

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jake gyllenhaal (via my new plaid pants)


jake gyllenhaal (via my new plaid pants)

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17th March 2014


littlblackghost asked: Hi, do you know if the UK is getting Enemy? I'm in Scotland and we don't seem to have had it and I can't find anywhere saying that we'll be getting it :(

I’m actually not sure. It’s in really limited release in the US right now. I heard a rumor that it’d be released in May in the UK, but I’m not sure if that’s true or not. Hopefully they’ll expand the limited release and make some announcements for other countries soon!

7th March 2014

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jimmorris0n asked: what movie is that boom box gif from??

It’s from Love and Other Drugs, in the very beginning!

6th March 2014

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antlchrlst asked: I fucking love your blog!!!!😳😁💕

2nd March 2014

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araft asked: bless this blog

Why thank you!

3rd February 2014

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Enemy by Jay Shaw / Twitter


Enemy by Jay Shaw / Twitter

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3rd February 2014

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Trailer for Enemy (2014)

Two Jake Gyllenhaals in one movie. What more can you ask for?

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1st January 2014

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letmeletmetrashyourlove asked: A Jake movie was on tv a couple of years ago and my grandmother asked who was in it and when I told her, she thought I said Jake Jellyhead. So we now refer to him as Jellyhead in our house.

ha, that’s a good one. Reminds me of the Jake Gooberballs video!

10th December 2013

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Jake Gyllenhaal loves slap bracelets. 

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